Workshop "Neuroscience meets philosophy", May 16th, 2013


Venue: Eindhoven University of Technology, room PAV A.12

Date: Thursday, May 16th, 2013, 13:00-18:00


In what ways can philosophical debates be informed by neuroscience? This workshop will explore various points of connection between philosophy and neuroscience, and in particular, how neuroscientific findings stand to bear on philosophical topics such as: free will, ethical decision-making and moral psychology. More generally, a focus of the workshop will be the extent to which empirical results should have an impact on philosophical debates.

A pdf version of the program (including map and directions) can be found here.


13:00-13:15h      Welcome
13:15-14:15h Guy Kahane (Oxford), 'Runaway Trolleys, Utilitarians and Psychopaths: Is the Neuroscience of Morality on the Wrong Track?'
14:15-15:15h Marc Slors (Nijmegen), 'Neurohermeneutics: on the relation between philosophical analysis and neuroscience'
15:15-15:30h Coffee break
15:30-16:15h Maureen Sie (Rotterdam), 'Reasons, Brainstates and Behaviour'
16:15-17:00h Markus Schlosser (Groningen), 'The neuroscientific study of free will: a diagnosis of the controversy'
17:00-17:05h Small break
17:05-17:50h Felicitas Kraemer (Eindhoven), 'New neuroscientific findings round the brain death paradigma'
17:50-18:00h Conclusions


The workshops is free for all interested persons. However, space is limited, so please contact Felicitas Kraemer ( to register.




The workshop takes place in the building Paviljoen (PAV) on the TU Eindhoven campus. The room is PAV A 12 A.

It is at walking distance from Central Station (15-20 minutes).  You find it on the map close to the number 01 in square G3. The building PAV is large and has a number of entry doors. It is easiest if you use the one next to the number 01 in the map, entering from the street De Lismortel. The taxi address is De Lismortel 2.

You may call the Paviljoen reception under 0031 (0)40 247 2615.

Program, map and directions can be found here.




This workshop is sponsored by the generous support of the 3TU Center for Ethics and Technology and is organized in conjunction with the visit of dr. Guy Kahane from Oxford (