Past Events

P&E Departmental Seminars in Spring/Summer 2014
Tuesday 25 March Leon de Bruijn (Nijmegen)   First-person Folk Psychology: Confabulation or Self-constitution?
Tuesday 22 April Stephen D. John (Cambridge)   tba
Tuesday 6 May Bert-Jaap Koops (Tilburg)   tba
Tuesday 13 May Peter Kroes (Delft)   tba
Tuesday 20 May Zoe Robaey (Delft)   tba
Tuesday 3 June Catarina Dutilh-Novaes   tba


P&E Departmental Workshops in Spring/Summer 2014
Tuesday 18 March Wybo Houkes   tba
Tuesday 1 April Auke Pols & Andreas Spahn   tba
Tuesday 29 April Elselijn Kingma   tba
Tuesday 27 May Jilles Smids   tba
Tuesday 10 June Joel Katzav   tba


P&E Departmental Seminars in Autumn 2013 / Winter 2014
Tuesday 17th September Seumas Miller (ECIS Lounge)   Assertion as Joint Action
Tuesday 1st October Boudewijn de Bruin   Canceled
Tuesday 15th October Agnieszka Hunka   A matter of trust? Risk communication, understanding of science, and environmental risk
Tuesday 12th November Gottrfied Vosgerau   Mineness of Bodily and Mental Actions
Tuesday 26th November Wim Dubbink   A corporate duty to further justice
Tuesday 7th January Fleur Jongepier   tba



P&E Departmental Workshops in Autumn 2013 / Winter 2014*
Tuesday 10th September Krist Vaesen (2-3pm; ECIS Lounge)  
Tuesday 24th September Wybo Houkes - "Technology and Cumulative Cultural Evolution"  
Tuesday 8 October Martin Peterson  
Tuesday 22 October Sjoerd Zwart  
Tuesday 19th November Auke Pols  
Tuesday 3rd December Philip Nickel  
Tuesday 17th December Sander Voerman  
Tuesday 14th January Jilles Smids  


P&E Departmental Seminars in Spring 2013
Tuesday 5th February Tim de Mey, Erasmus University Rotterdam   "The function of thought experiments in Ethics"
Tuesday 5th March Ingrid Robeyns, Erasmus University Rotterdam   tba
Tuesday 21st May Angelica Kaufmann, University of Antwerp   "Production and Comprehension of Intentional Action: a Cross-Species Analysis"
Tuesday 4th June Katrien Devolder, Bioethics Institute Gent   tba



P&E Departmental Workshops in Spring 2013
Tuesday 12th February Cletus Brauer  
Tuesday 26th February Christine van Burken  
Tuesday 12th March Adam Carter & Martin Peterson  
Tuesday 23rd April Sven Diekmann  
Tuesday 14th May Joel Katzav  
Tuesday 28th May Jilles Smids  
Tuesday 11th June Felicitas Kraemer  












P&E Departmental Seminars in Autumn 2012 / Winter 2013
Tuesday 4th September Julian Reiss, Erasmus University Rotterdam   "The explanation paradox - Do economic models explain the world?"
Tuesday 18th September Nick White, University of Utah   "Plato’s Ethics"
Tuesday 16th October Markus Schlosser, University of Leiden   "Conscious will, reason-responsiveness, and responsibility"
Tuesday 13th November Maarten Franssen, Delft University of Technology   tba
Tuesday 27th November Bernice Bovenkerk, Utrecht University   "Fishy ethics - Moral status and ethics of fish"
Tuesday 11th December Eric Schliesser, Ghent University   "How Economists Turned Uncertainty into a Variety of Randomness in order to be the Favored Experts: a Philosophical History"
Tuesday 8th January Pauline Kleingeld, University of Groningen   "Moral character and situationism"



P&E Departmental Workshops in Autumn 2012 / Winter 2013
Tuesday 11th September Mostafa Mohajeri  
Tuesday 25th September Philip Nickel  
Tuesday 23rd October Sven Diekmann  
Tuesday 6th November Elselijn Kingma  
Tuesday 20th November Auke Pols  
Tuesday 4th December Jilles Smids  
Tuesday 18th December Adam Carter  












P&E Departmental Seminars in Spring 2012
Tuesday 7th February Bart Gremmen, Wageningen University  
Tuesday 20th March Jan-Willem van der Rijt, University of Amsterdam  
Tuesday 27th March Klaus Steigleder, Ruhr Universität Bochum  
Tuesday 3rd April Nicholas White, University of Utah  
Tuesday 1st May Martijn Blaauw, TU Delft  
Tuesday 15th May Iwao Hirose, McGill University  
Tuesday 29th May Bart Streumer, University of Reading  
Tuesday 12th June  Rafaela Hillerbrand, Aachen RWTH  



P&E Departmental Workshops in Spring 2012
Tuesday 31st January Stefan Mendritzki  
Tuesday 14th February Roseline Lemire-Cadieux  
Tuesday 13th March Marieke van Holland  
Tuesday 10th April Cletus Brauer  
Tuesday 24th April Martin Peterson & Per Sandin  
Tuesday 8th May Wybo Houkes  
Tuesday 22nd May Jilles Smids  
Tuesday 5th June Joel Katzav  
Tuesday 19th June Andreas Spahn  













P&E Seminars in Autumn 2011
Tuesday 30th August Philip Nickel "Trust and Testimony"
Tuesday 13th September Christine van Burken & Bart Bezooijen "Technology and moral decision making: An experimental setup"
Tuesday 27th September Felicitas Kraemer NWO proposal
Tuesday 11th October Wybo Houkes & Krist Vaesen "Modelling the truth of scientific beliefs with population dynamics"
Tuesday 25th October Martin Peterson "The Right Without The Good"
Tuesday 8th November Sven Diekmann "Models in Design: A Study about values and intentions."
Tuesday 22th November Andreas Spahn "Golden Rule of Persuasion"
Tuesday 6th December Jilles Smids "The concept of persuasion. A psychologically informed clarification"
Tuesday 20th December Cletus Brauer "What is good technological innovation? An analytic tool derived from capability theory"
















P&E Seminars in Spring 2011
Tuesday 11th January Litska Strikwerda "Theft in online computer games. Virtual acts, real crimes?"
Tuesday 8th February Felicitas Kraemer "Moral Enhancement"
Tuesday 22nd February Wybo Houkes "Pop Culture or Natural Selection?"
Tuesday 8th March Joel Katzav "A severe testing approach to the assessment of climate model projections"
Tuesday 5th April  Philip Nickel & Andreas Spahn "Design For Symmetry -- Trust, Discourse Ethics, and Persuasive Technology"
Tuesday 19th April Sven Diekmann & Martin Peterson "Non-epistemic values in modeling"
Tuesday 17th May Anya Topolski & Lamber Royakkers "Robotics and Relationality"
Tuesday 31st May Martin Peterson & Marc J. De Vries "Do new technologies give rise to new ethical issues? Some reflections on nanotechnology "
Tuesday 14th June Felicitas Kraemer Grant Proposal
Tuesday 28th June Anya Topolski "Relationality: An Ethics of Responsibility for A Post-Foundational World"



















P&E Seminars in Autumn 2010
Tuesday 7th September Krist Vaesen & Martin Peterson "Knowledge"
Tuesday 21st September Philip Nickel “Trust in Technological Systems.”
Tuesday 5th October Sven Diekmann "Trust and the normativity of validation".
Tuesday 19th October Krist Vaesen “The cognitive bases of human tool use”
Tuesday 2nd November  Joel Katzav “How should one assess the quality of climate model projections?”
Tuesday 16th November Martin Peterson “The Ethical Theory I Believe In”
Tuesday 30th November Anthonie Meijers "Ought-to-do and Ought-to-be"
Tuesday 14th December Marieke van Holland "Embedded, extended, or distributed? Disentangling evidential support for "situated"