Seminars & Workshops

The Philosophy & Ethics department at TU/e organizes departmental workshops and seminars. In addition, our ECIS research group hosts a series of interdisciplinary seminars (see ECIS seminars) with speakers from national and European Universities.

Everyone who is interested in participating is invited to join. (Workshops usually take place at 14:30h - 15:30h in the IPO Lounge; seminars take place at 13:00h - 14:30h, in room IPO 0.11.)


P&E Departmental Seminars Fall 2016
Tuesday 27 September Grant Ramsey (Leuven University)   Trait bin and trait cluster accounts of human nature .
Tuesday 15 November Margoth González Woge (TU Twente)   tba
Tuesday 13 December Francine Duchesne (Leiden University)   tba



P&E Departmental Seminars Spring 2016
Tuesday 9 February Michał Klincewicz (Jagiellonian University)   Autonomous weapon systems and computer security
Tuesday 23 February Mark Alfano (TUDelft)   Trust as an equivalence relation
Tuesday 8 March Daniel R. Kelly (Purdue University)   tba
Tuesday 7 June Joachim Horvath (University of Cologne)   Intuitive Expertise and Irrelevant Options


P&E Departmental Workshops in Spring 2016
Tuesday 16 February tba   tba
Tuesday 15 March tba   tba
Tuesday 29 March tba   tba
Tuesday 26 April Wybo Houkes   tba
Tuesday 10 May Sven Nyholm   tba
Tuesday 24 May Gunter Bombaerts   tba
Tuesday 7 June tba   tba











* Please write an email to Krist Vaesen if you would like to attend the discussion, k.vaesen[at-sign-comes-here] . He will send you the relevant material.