Below is a listing of the current staff members of the section of Philosophy & Ethics of Technology. You can find more information about a person, such as contact details, publications and courses taught, by clicking on the name.

Academic staff

Extraordinary professors

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Academic staff
Member Name Research interests
Full professors
prof. dr. ir. A.W.M. (Anthonie) Meijers Philosophy of artefacts; epistemology of the technical sciences; collective intentionality and action
Associate professors
dr. W.N. (Wybo) Houkes Philosophy of artefact functions; philosophy of science, esp. evolution theory

mr. dr. ir. ir. L.M.M. (Lambèr) Royakkers

Ethics of technology; deontic logic

Assistant professors

dr. G.J.T. (Gunter) Bombaerts

philosophy and ethics of science and technology; contextual knowledge; participation in technology

dr. L.E. (Lily) Frank

meta-ethics; applied ethics, especially, medical ethics and ethics of biotechnology

dr. J.K. (Joel) Katzav

Metaphysics; philosophy of science and technology; practical reasoning

dr. P.J. (Philip) Nickel

Moral epistemology; ethics of belief; applied ethics

dr. S.R. (Sven) Nyholm

Ethics; applied ethics (especially, ethics of biotechnology); history of ethics

dr. E.R.H. (Elizabeth) O'Neill Moral psychology; moral epistemology; philosophy of biology;
applied ethics

dr. A. (Andreas) Spahn

Meta-ethics; applied ethics, esp. ecological ethics and sustainability

dr. ir. K. (Krist) Vaesen

Philosophy of science/technology; (models of) cultural evolution; epistemology; (extended) cognition

prof. dr. M.J. (Marc) de Vries

Epistemology of technology; philosophy of engineering; technology education

dr. S.D. (Sjoerd) Zwart

Ethics of modelling; ethics of engineering

dr. A. (Alberto) Acerbi Cultural evolution; cognitive anthropology; individual-based modelling
dr. A.J.K. (Auke) Pols Philosophy of mind and action; philosophy of artefacts; environmental ethics, esp. regarding biofuels
PhD students
E. (Eva) Boon Cultural vs. biological evolution; unit of selection; horizontal transmission
C.S. (Cletus) Brauer Philosophy & ethics of technology; social & organizational psychology and ethics; business ethics

M. (Marjolein) Lanzing

Ethics; political and social philosophy; privacy; personal/social relationships; autonomy; self(-knowledge); personhood

S.E. (Stefan) Mendritzki

Evolutionary models, esp. agent-based models; mechanism validation

J. (Jilles) Smids
Meta-ethics; ethics of persuasive technology; ethics of (auto)mobility


Extraordinary professors

Extraordinary professors are appointed and sponsored by external institutions or organisations. 

Member Name Research interests Chair
prof. dr. E.M. (Elselijn) Kingma Philosophy of medicine; philosophy of biology; philosophical bioethics; epistemology of evidence-based medicine Socrates Professor, Stichting Socrates

prof. dr. M.J.
(Maarten) Verkerk

Reformational philosophy; philosophy of

Reformational Philosophy, association for reformational philosophy


ACQA project group (read more)

Academic Competences and Quality Assurance

Member Name
dr. V.A.J. (Tijn) Borghuis
dr. drs. J.C. (Jacob) Perrenet



Fellows and visitors      
Member Name   Research interests
dr. M.D. (Matthew) Riddle   Educational technologies; social studies of technology



Support staff      
Member Name   Contact data

M.J. (Rianne) Schaaf

  departmental secretary and contact person
  Address: IPO 1.05

(040) 247 4753, (if no answer) 247 2043

Fax: 040 244 4602