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Handbook Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences

Anthonie Meijers, editor

Handbook This is the first comprehensive handbook on the philosophical issues linked to modern technology and the engineering sciences. It addresses questions such as: How do the engineering sciences differ from the natural and social sciences and to what extent are the fields similar? What is the nature of technological knowledge? Are there funda­mentally different kinds of technological artifacts? Is the notion of artifact function different from the notion of biological function? What does reasoning from ends to means entail? Is design a rational activity or is it art-like? Can one speak of fundamentally different types of design problems? What is a model and what roles do the various types of models have in engineering? Is a technological explanation different from a scientific explanation? Is technology value driven (e.g. by efficiency) and, if so, what are the basic values? What is the role of aesthetic values in the design of such diverse artifacts as urban environments, molecules and software?

In addition to dealing with these topics, there are contributions that focus on specific engineering disciplines such as: information tech­nology, medical technology, biotechnology, and architecture.

The handbook reviews the state of affairs in the philosophy of technology and the engineering sciences. Italso includes many explorative chapters on subjects that have not yet formed part of the research agenda, but are essential to an understanding of modern technology.

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Editors: Peter Kroes and Anthonie Meijers