The 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology (3TU.Ethics) brings together the expertise of the philosophy departments of the three technical universities in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente) in the field of ethics of science, technology and engineering. 3TU.Ethics builds upon the excellent international reputation of the three participating universities in this field. The joint venture allows for close collaboration in research as well as teaching, outreach and contract research in both the private and public sector. More specifically the mission of 3TU.Ethics is:

  • To stimulate and undertake interdisciplinary and applied research in the field of ethics and technology;

  • To stimulate and undertake fundamental research in ethics relevant for the field of ethics and technology;

  • To stimulate and undertake activities in the field of teaching in ethics and technology;

  • To act as an intermediary between the philosophy departments involved in 3TU.Ethics on the one hand and public debates and the media on the other. (read more)








The Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy (NSRPP) offers

-    to PhD candidates in ethics, a programme of training, and embedment of their research in a broad network of researchers

-    to researchers in ethics, a forum for joint research and study activities.

In addition NSRPP seeks to
-    improve the quality of Dutch research in ethics;
-    to stimulate cooperation, and
-    to enhance international visibility of Dutch work in ethics.

NSRPP sees research in the field of fundamental ethics as inseparably linked with that in the area of applied ethics. On the one hand ethical concepts, theories and methods constitute the basis for work in applied ethics and, as such, are relevant to actual political and social discussions. On the other hand issues in the area of applied ethics give rise to (re)new(ed) fundamental reflection on concepts, theories and methods in fundamental ethics.
NSRPP considers it necessary that in both fundamental and applied ethical research links are established with relevant special sciences (jurisprudence, political and social science, moral psychology, neuro and cognitive sciences, biomedical sciences, etc.).  (read more)


The next annual conference of the NSRPP takes place in Eindhoven, November 2-3, 2012. (read more)